Day 0 – VIDEO: The Wisdom of the Institution of Fasting in Ramadan – Shaikh Abdool Hamid – Masjid Toronto


30Masjids begins blogging about the Ramadan Experience in and around the Greater Toronto Area for a fifth year.

Our first stop? Masjid Toronto

It’s only hours before Ramadan 2015 begins at sunset time on Wednesday evening, June 17 2015.

Shaikh Abdool Hamid has delivered his usual Wednesday talk after Salat al Dhuhr / The Midday Prayer, inside Masjid Toronto.

His wise words are a Wonderful Welcome to the Holy Month and a Reminder about the Wisdom of the Institution of Fasting in Ramadan.

As for Masjid Toronto, they will again be providing Free Iftar Dinners every night after Sunset during the entire month.

Because the Summer nights are very short, the usual 20 Rakats of nightly Tarawih prayers performed will instead be 8 in number with a short talk after the first four Rakats (units) of Prayer.

This flyer gives you a snapshot of Ramadan 2015 inside Masjid Toronto… Maybe you’ll see me there as it’s still somehow remained my Home Masjid.

Masjid Toronto Ramadan 2015 Program

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